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You can’t afford this!

The legislature has started an automatic tax machine that will raise your property taxes by more than 5% per year.  And when your property taxes go up, your insurance goes up.
What is this tax increase based on?  Nothing.  Not on real or increasing property values, not on inflation, not on your income, not on anything […]

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Question: What has a big mouth, a black heart, and no conscience?
Click here to find out.

Question: What’s the difference between Frosty Troy and a pathological liar?
Answer: A pathological liar lies by accident; Troy lies on purpose.

Question: How do you tell when Frosty Troy is lying?
Answer: See if his lips are moving.

Question: What do George Nigh, Don Nickles, Frank Keating, and J. C. Watts have in common?
They all agree Frosty Troy’s an egregious liar.


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